House Framing in Milliken, CO

house framing in Milliken, CO is one of those jobs that just looks easier than it really is. house framing in Milliken, CO. For starters, most people are simply not ready for the amount of weight that must be lifted in total by the time the job is completed. Also most people don't have the knowledge required to properly synchronize all the combined tasks that make up a house framing in Milliken, CO job.

The First Thing you Can Do

The first thing that a person can do to make the rough carpentry work on a home a much easier task to complete, is to have the lumber set as close to the home as possible. Now this may sound like common sense, but you would be amazed at how many lumber loads are dropped up to 100 feet from the foundation.

You see, when the delivery truck driver arrives with the load, he has but one thing on his mind. That is to drop the load, and get the heck out of there. All too often maneuvering to get the load right up next to the building area, is just too much of a hassle. So you have to be there when your load of lumber is dropped.

The Second Item on Your List

Try to pre-build, and pre-cut as many parts as possible. For instance, if you pre-cut all your window trimmer studs, you can pre-nail them to their king studs. Then when it's time to set up a wall with a window in it, you can simply drop the pre-nailed trimmer/king studs right in along side the header.

The same thing goes with window, and door headers or, window cripple studs. If you take a good look at your plans, you'll most likely find that they are all in about three groups of sizes. For instance, your headers will all be around 33 ¼, 36 ¼ or 42 ¼ inches in length. Take a couple of hours to get them all cut, and set up in a pile, along with all your window cripple studs.

The Third Item on Your List

Do all your rake walls, and balloon walls first when you're house framing in Milliken, CO. The reasons are that they require a lot of free room to set up, and build, and they require lots of room to move around after they are done. Thirdly, it also helps if you're fresh, and rested when you attack them because they can be problematic.

The problem for most people, is that when they first start in on a house framing in Milliken, CO job, they want to get the light easy walls knocked out, and set up first. They want to see some fast progress, and the last thing they need is to get involved with tedious, difficult balloon, and rake walls that can take the better part of a day to build. Don't fall into this trap.

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